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CDSC IPO Result: Mero Share Result Check & Upcoming iPO in Nepal

IPO, also known as the Initial Public Offering, has now in trend for the last few years. If you are an Investor, you are probably well-known about the term IPO. Also, if you are the Invester or Initial Invester waiting for the CDSC IPO Result, you are at the right place. This Site will share the Mero Share Result Update, including the Process and Method for the IPO Result Check.

About IPO in Nepal

In the last few years, the Investors have increased by a good percentage in Nepali Stock Market. While we talk about the DEMAT Account Holders, it’s more than 40 Lakhs. So from these statistics, we are clear about the craze and payroll of IPO in Nepal.

Anyway, several companies are Opening IPO for a few months to Apply for DEMAT Holders. In the last few months, more than 20 Companies have distributed their Shares to the Public through IPO Issuance.

By skipping these all, here we are for the IPO Allotment Result. On this Site, we mainly focus on the CDSC IPO Result Update and the Process to Check it.

Similarly, in the Context of Nepal, the right of the Share Market is owned by the Security Board of Nepal called SEBON. SEBON Regulates Nepal’s Stock and Share Market, where NEPSE acts as the country’s Mediator and Single Market Ruler without any Opponents. Also, the Mero Share by CDSC serves as the Hosting that holds our share and stock Market traded Openly.

Latest IPO Result & Updates

How to Check CDSC IPO Result

Want to check the IPO Allotment Result of any Company’s share you applied? If yes, we will share the best method to get the Share IPO Result within an hour of the Allotment. 

Currently, there are some methods through which you will get the IPO Mero Share IPO Result so you can quickly get notified whether you are lucky (Alloted or Not).

Method I – Check Mero Share Result Using ipo

The most common approach to checking CDSC IPO Results is using the CDSC Official site. To make it easy to check the Share Result, Mero Share has built an official portal to check IPO Results.

From the ipo result, you will be able to check the IPO Results of any company. This Site includes all the Company’s databases from the last year. So, it’s an easy, fast, and most visited Site for IPO Allotment Results.

  • Go to the Site or click here. It will open the MERO Share IPO Site.
  • Select Company. Also, make sure to separate the category under the Company, either General Public, Foreign Reserved or Local, like (Super Mai Hydropower (General Public), Super Mai Hydropower (Reserved: Foreign Employment).
ipo result check
  • 16-digit BOID box. Your BOID is your DEMAT Account Number. So, enter your 16-digit DEMAT Account Number Here.
mero share ipo result
  • View Result. ipo result

Here you will get the IPO Allotment Result on your Screen. If an IPO is allotted to your DEMAT Account, you will be notified with Congratulations! Allotted. Alloted Quantity 10 (or any) you have applied. If not, you will be notified with, Sorry, not alloted for the entered BOID.

Method II – IPO Result Check Using Capital Site

Another Method for IPO Result Check is by using the Capital Site. Most Capital Company (Investment Banking) has a site that allows people to check the IPO Result they managed.

For the Issuance of an IPO, the IPO Issuance company must choose any of the Capital Companies to manage the share and IPO, called IPO/Share Manager. NMB Capital, Sanima Capital, NIC Asia Capital, etc., are the well-known Share Managers in our country. So, the capital company is the Share Manager, and they provide the CDSC IPO Result data managed by them.

If the www.ipo site is not working there or you sometimes want to get the Share IPO Result faster, then you can go for this Method.

Check IPO Result Managed by NMB Capital ipo result
  • Visit the IPO/Share Allotment Page of any capital site. If NMB Capital issues the IPO of XXX Company, you must visit the NMB Capital Site.
  • Share, Allotement Section, tap Choose Company and select the Company there.
  • Submit/View Result.

Check IPO results managed by Sanima Capital ipo result
  • Visit the IPO Page of Sanima Capital. Click here
  • Check. That’s it.

This way, you can check the cdsc ipo result of a particular company from a specific site of the Capital. In this process, you must identify the Company’s Issue Manager who has issued the share. 

To check the Issue Manager of any company, Go to the MeroShare App>My ASBA>Appliaction Report>Select the Company>Tap on Report>Issue Manager.

Method III – Check IPO Allotment Result Using IPO Checker App

In the Play Store, you can find the number of App that allows for the Bulk IPO Checker. So, if you owe several people the DEMAT Account, then it’s easy to check the IPO in bulk, saving you time. 

App Like Share Hub, Mr NEPSE, IPO Result -Nepali Mero Share offers you to check the IPO Result.

Method IV – Check Mero Share IPO Result using Mero Share App (Late Process)

Another Method for IPO Result Check is using the Mero Share App. You can quickly check the IPO Allotment Result on Mero Share Mobile or Web App. 

Although this process to check Mero Share IPO Results is good, it updates the Results late. For example, if the Issue Manager Allot the Share at 10 AM, the Result will be in your Hand within an hour using the above Method.

But updating the Allotment status in this Method will take 5-6 hours or more. If you are late and checking the IPO Allotment Result after a night or day, you can go for this Method.

  • Mero Share App on your Mobile Phone.
  • Dashboard, go to the MY ASBA tab,
  • Application Report and find the Company you want to check.
ipo allotment result
  • You will get the Result, Alloted (Alloted Quantity 10) or Not Alloted.
cdsc ipo result

When will the IPO be Alloted to the new Company?

If you have applied for the IPO of any company, then the IPO Application duration is around five days in General for General Public. It lasts ten days if you are an abroad member (Foreign Employment).

So, after ending the Application period, the Issue Manager takes around 7-10 days to Allot the Share. The IPO Allotment Result will be in your Hand within 7-10 days from the deadline.

List of Upcoming IPO in Nepal (Listed in SEBON Pipeline)

The IPO Issuance line is hovering over the Nepalese share market. So, several new and old companies are offering the IPO for General Public Par and Premium Value to increase their Capital and switching towards Public Limited Companies.

So, for Small Investors, it’s excellent news to Invest their small amount in Nepali Share Market. Here’s the upcoming IPO in Nepal list offered by The Different Companies.


Company NameNo. of Shares (In Units)
Mathillo Mailun Khola Jalavidhyut Ltd.25,00,000
Vision Lumbini Urja Company Ltd.38,25,000
Chirkhwa Hydro Power Ltd.12,00,000
Manakamana Eng. Hydropower Ltd.28,00,000
Daramkhola Hydro Engergy Ltd.39,50,000
HIM Start Urja Company Ltd.11,19,000
Three Star Hydropower Ltd.12,31,250
Sanima Hydropower Limited14,70,000


Company NameNo. of Shares (In Units)
Muktinath Krishi Company Ltd.4,00,000
Dish Media Network Limited1,35,84,955
Trade Tower Ltd.11,58,980
Nepal Warehousing Company Ltd13,75,000
Nepal Republic Media Limited43,53,000
Accord Pharmaceuticals Limited7,06,909
IME LIMITED10,00,000
Kantipur Television Network Ltd7,50,000
Accord Pharmaceutical Limited7,06,909


Company NameNo. of Shares (In Units)
Sonapur Minerals and Oil Ltd. (Premium@249.84)1,23,00,200
Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd. (Book Building@608-912)7,70,640
Sarbottam Cement Ltd. (Book Building@510-751.5)24,00,000

Upcoming FPO

Company NameNo. of Shares (In Units)
Mirmire Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha51,316
Unnati Sahakarya Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha1,78,451
Naya Sarathi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha (Premium@116)3,29,649

About Mero Share ipo Result in the most search query in Search Engine reflects about the Site. Mero Share is the Share Holding App that acts as the Hosting to Host your Share and its Information.

With the Mero Share App/Site, you will get all the Stocks and shares owned by you. Also, you must have the Mero Share App to Apply for the New IPO/Shares/FPO and Reserved Shares.

Similarly, the Mero Share App performs EDIS, Holdings, and all about your Portfolio. So, we can say Mero Share is a Default regulatory hosting and Portfolio Manager owned by CDSC that reserves the right to review your Stocks.

Mero Share Result

Mero Share App is used to Apply for Shares and many more. Besides these all, you can also use this App for the ipo result check. But as compared to the ipo, this App will update the Report late.

So, to check your Applied Mero Share Result, you can go for the other Method. Today we will share the number of processes to check IPO Allotment Results.


How can I check my allotment result in IPO?

To check CDSC IPO Result, visit the www.ipo site, select the Company, and enter your BOID.

How can I check my IPO result in Mero shares?

For Mero Share IPO Result, open the Mero Share App and go to the Application Report. After that, you must select the Company and tap on Report.

How can I check my IPO result for Emerging Nepal Limited?

To check the IPO Allotment Result of Emerging Nepal Limited, go to the www.ipo site and select Emerging Nepal Limited, enter your BOID and Verify the Captcha. At last, tap on Check.

How long does it take to get IPO results?

After the Allotment process by Issue Manager, it takes around an hour to get the Allotment Result.

How can I check my allotment status?

To Check the Share IPO Result, go to the www.ipo site. You can also check the IPO Result Mero Share using the Capital Site.

Why can’t I check my IPO allotment status?

Sometimes due to the Server Error, you may face an issue checking the IPO Allotment Result. So, you must either wait for it or go for another method.

How do I know if my IPO is approved?

You can check whether the IPO Status is approved from the Application Report of a particular company in the Mero Share App.

How do I know if my IPO is good or bad?

Knowing whether the IPO any company offers is good or bad depends upon many factors. You can use the Stock Analyzer or Expert Analysis to confirm whether the IPO applied or allotted on your DEMAT is Blue Chip.

How do I know if my IPO is rejected?

If your CRN Number is mistaken or you need more balance in your Bank Account, your IPO will get rejected. Go to the Application Report>Select the Company>Status to check this Status.

How do I sell my IPO shares?

After transferring the share into your DEMAT Account and the first transaction in NEPSE, you can sell your IPO Shares if you wish. To sell Shares, you must have a Broker Account (TMS Account).

How is IPO allotment done in Nepal?

IPO Allotment in Nepal is done by calculating all valid applications. They will only shortlist the required number of applicants from the whole number.
After that, they will conclude the Luckdraw with the IPO Man. Here the IPO Man will choose a single random ball from the box, and based on the Lucky Ball Number, the IPO will be distributed.

How to check share value in Mero Share?

Go to the My Portfolio tab to check the Share Value in Mero Share. Here you will find all your listed share values called Portfolio.

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