Ghorahi Cement IPO Result is Going to be Alloted Soon: Check IPO Status Here

Ghorahi Cement IPO Result

Ghorahi Cement IPO Result is going to be Published soon. The company has issued 79,43,801 units (20% of total capital) to the Public. You can check out the IPO Result of Ghorahi Cement for the Local, Foreign and General Public here.

Ghorahi Cement (Producer of Sagarmatha Cement) has issued the 20% of the total Issued capital to the Public. In total, the company has issued the 20% (79,43,801 units of shares, the company has 3.79 Arba Paid-up capital) to the Public. Where the company has split the share into different categories (Including Locals, Aborad Citizens and General Public).

Similarly, the company has issued the 1% of Paid up capital in share units to the affected Locals (3,97,190 units). The affected locals are from the Dang District. Similarly, the remaining 19% of 20% (1% for affected locals & remaining is 75,46,611 Units of 79,43,801 Units) company has to issue for the General Public. 

Similarly, from the 75,46,611 (reaming 19%, make it 100% and split the 10% of 75,46,611 units we get 7,54,661 units) the company has issued the 10% shares (7,54,661 units) to the Nepalese Citizens working abroad.

At rest, the remaining 90% of 75,46,611 units (i.e. 67,91,900 units) will be going to be Issued to the General Public. 

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Ghorahi Cement Premium IPO: Rs 400 Per Unit for Locals & Rs 435 for Abroad

The company has issued these shares at the Premium Price. It’s the second time in the Cement industry to Issue an IPO At Premium. In past too, Shivam Cement has issued an IPO in Premium.

While, for the Ghorahi Cement IPO Result you can check it from the Mero Share Result site. With the collaboration with Himalayan Capital Limited & Nabil Investment Banking Limited, the company has issued the IPO at the Premium of Rs 300 (Means, One unit of Share cost Rs 400. Rs 100 Par + Rs 300 Premium) for the Locals.

Similarly, for Nepalese citizens working abroad, the company has fixed Rs 435 (Rs 100+ Rs 335 Additional Premium). While for the General Public, you have to wait until the IPO issuance date begins.

About Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited

Ghorahi Cement Industry Private Limited (GCIL) is incorporated on the 6th August of 2007. It’s one of the integrated cement Industries in Nepal located in the Dang Valley of Western Nepal.

The company turns into a public Limited company in March 2021. Where the company name is changed to Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited (GCIL). This cement Industry deals with the manufacturing and selling of cement.

Additionally, the company has a clinker capacity of 1,900 MTPD with a Grinding capacity of 2,200 which has completed the brownfield expansion of 3,000 MTPD. Also, the Grinding capacity is 1,400 MTPD. 

Likewise, for its Product the company used to sell it’s as in the name of Sagarmatha Cement all over Nepal. Besides, the company has mainly focused on its cement supply in West Nepal. As of now, the company holds a total of 21 distributors all over Nepal.

Moving towards the family and promoters then this company is being operated by the two Major Business Groups of Nepal. With the collaboration of Triveni Group Vishal Group, the company has operated for the last 9 years as a cement industry.

These two Business Group has also extended business in other sections like Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Trading and other Business. 

Similarly, the company has the BODs chaired by the Purshottam Lai Sanghai. As we have already mentioned, the company has a Total of 3.97 Arba. So, after the IPO the Promoter-Public Share ratio will be 80:20. 

From this IPO the company will generate Rs 3.44 Arba for the company where Rs 2.645 Arba will be the Premium. It means, only, 0.795 Arba will be added as the Paid-up capital.

Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited IPO Details

Issued CompanyGhorahi Cement Industy  Limited (GCIL)
Issue ManagerHimalayan Capital Limited Nabil Investment Banking
IPO Company Type (Category)Cement
Type (Security)IPO
Approval Date by SEBON 
IPO Issue Date (Locals & Foreign)19th Baishakh 2080
IPO Deadline (Locals & Foreign)2nd Jestha 2080
Per Unit Price67,91,900 units Units (Remaining from total of 79,43,801 Units)
Total IPO Share UnitsRs 100+Rs 300 (Premium) (Total 400 for Local) Rs 100+Rs 335 (Premium) (Total Rs 435 for Foreign)
IPO Units for Locals3,97,190 Units (1% of total Issued Paid Up Capital 3.97 Arba. i.e, 1% of 3.97 Arba = 3,97,190 Units)
IPO Units for Aborad Citizens7,54,661 Units (10% of 75,46,611)
IPO Units for General Public67,91,900 units Units (Remaining from total 79,43,801 Units)
Total Applied Kitta (Foreign, Local, General Public)
Total Applications (Foreign, Local, General Public)
Total Allottee (Foreign, Local, General Public)
IPO Result Date (Foreign, Local, Public)

How to Check Ghorahi Cement IPO Result

You can check the IPO Result of any company easily from your Mobile Phone. For this, you can follow the different methods on it. As we have already said that all the applicants can check the Ghorahi Cement Industry IPO Result Date so can check it. To check it you can go either visit the site of or Capital Site.

Here we share all about the Ghorahi Cement IPO Result Checking process for you. 

Method I – Check from Mero Share Site

  • Visit the Mero Share IPO Result checker page, click here to go.
  • Now from the IPO Result Page, you need to select the company from the Select Company dropdown,
  • After selecting the company from the drop-down list, you need to enter your BOID, it’s 16 digit,
  • After that verify the captcha by entering the captcha code there,
  • At last tap/click on View Result, that’s it.

Method II – Check Ghorahi Cement Industry IPO Result using Nabil Investment Banking Site

You can check out the IPO Result of any Company from the Issue Manager Site. Here the IPO of Ghorahi Cement is managed by Nabil Investment Banking. So, we can check this CDSC IPO Result in this way,

  • Visit the Nabil Investment Banking site and go to the IPO Result Section,
  • Now from the drop-down find the Ghorahi Cement Industry LTD. there, Note depending upon your application (either Foreign Employment, Local or General Public) choose it,
  • In the next box enter your 16-digit BOID (DEMAT Account Number),
  • Now verify the captcha and tap on Check,
  • That’s it.

Allotted: You are the lucky one to get a share of that company.

Not Allotted: You are not the lucky one to get a share of that company.

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