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mero share ipo result

Mero Share results can be checked easily by visiting the iporesult.cdsc.com.np site. For making it easy in IPO Result Check the Mero Share as built in the separate portal. From the meroshare.cdsc.com.np ipo result, you will be able to get the result of the IPO Allotment. The site provides detail about the number of shares allotted to particular applicants or Investors. Here is more to know about the Mero Share IPO Result and the process of checking it with different Methods.

In Nepal, the IPO Allotment Result is carried out by the meroshare.cdsc.com.np registrar. It’s the official site of Mero Share CDSC and Clearing Limited. Owned by the Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd (CDSC) the whole IPO Process is carried out by it. Also, we can say it provides the complete details about the Share Transactions, and Allotment, by simply with the Investors Demat Account. You can more information regarding the meroshare.cdsc.com.np ipo Result here.

In this article we are going to share the IPO Result Mero Share, Share Price in the current date and complete possible methods to check IPO Allotment Result from your Phone and Computer easily. Besides you can check the complete information about the IPO Allotment Process and how carried out by the Mero Share.

Mero Share Result (IPO Allotment Result)

All the IPO reports are carried out by Mero Share. The IPO Allotment calculation is published by the different Issue Manager which is hired by the Issuer Company. Mero Share holds the right to show the shares in your account.

For CDSC IPO Result Check you have the different Methods. With the Mero Share App too you can check the IPO Allotment Results. Besides we can get the separate site of Mero Share CDSC (www.iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result) that’s commonly used to Check IPO Results.

About Mero Share (iporesult.cdsc.com.np)

mero share result

Mero Share is a fintech company operated by CDSC Nepal that aims for managing the Shares in Nepali Market. This Company/Software has several features regarding IPO and Portfolio Management. In Nepal, the IPO Allotment process is carried out under the registrar of meroshare.cdsc.com.np.

Similarly, the most common feature & service of Mero Share is for IPO Result Checking. You can check the allotment result of any IPO and FPO using this App. Besides it’s the single app/software to manage the Portfolio at first.

Registrar NameMero Share Limited
Allotment ModeOnline
ListingCDSC and Clearing Limited
Official Siteiporesult.cdsc.com.np
Owned byMero Share

Some Prime Services offered by Mero Share

  • Registration and Transfer of the share digitally,
  • Integration of the electronic beneficiary positions from the physical shareholdings,
  • Collecting the Data, Forms and Information, 
  • Helps in listing and interacting with the stockbrokers,
  • Dividend distribution and reconciliation,
  • Online Application for the share and Portfolio Data,

Initial Public Offering (IPO in Nepal) 

IPO or Initial Public Offering is the process where the company issues or sells a share to General Public for the first time. If the company sells the share to the General Public for the Second time then it’s called FPO or Further Public Offering.

In the context of Nepal mostly the company practice the IPO Porces only. So, to apply for the share the applicants or Investors must need to Visit the Mero Share Portal. Besides the Mero Share Result, you can use it to apply for the share too. you don’t have any alternative to Apply for the IPO although you have an alternative to check the IPO Allotment Result.

Check Mero Share IPO Result (IPO Result in Mero Share)

For IPO Result Check in Mero Share you must need to get logged in to your Mero Share App or Portal. Here’s all about the process,

Step 1 – Login to Mero Share

First of all Open the Mero Share App on your Mobile Phone. For this, you need to Select the Depositary Participants, Username and Password. In simple, do the same as you do to Login Into your Mero Share.

For PC: If you are on PC then you need to go to the Meroshare login page in the Browser, visit the link 

Now the Mero Share Login Page Open like this,

ipo result.cdsc.com.np

Step 2 – Enter the Details

To get logged in for your Mero Share IPO Result you need to enter the details there. 

First tap on Select your DP and choose the Company you are using to manage the Shares (The List of Capital Companies is shown there, choose your like Sanima Capita, NIC Asia Bank, Prabhu Capital, or Prabhu Bank),

cdsc ipo result

Now enter your username in the username section. Here your username is 8 digits, this is the last 8 digits of your DEMAT Account Number.

After that Enter the Password there and tap/click on the Login. Now you are successfully logged in to your Mero Share Account Dashboard.

Step 3 – Go to My ASBA

From the Dashboard or Home Screen of Mero Share go to the My ASBA tab. Here it shows the different tabs to choose like Apply for Issue, Current Issue, Application Report, & Old Application Report

iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result

Step 4 – Go to Application Report

After that choose/tap on the Application Report tab from there. Here it shows the list of all the companies where you have applied for the share.

ipo allotment result

Step 4 – Check the IPO Allotment Result

For reference here we are choosing the DOLTI POWER COMPANY LTD, So we just tap on the Report here. When you tap/click on the Report of any company then it shows the Application Details there. So, here you find the Status of either Alloted or Not Alloted

Besides these, you will get the full detail about the IPO of the company. It includes the Share Type, Issue Manager, Price Per Share, and all its details.

Check Meroshare.cdsc.com.np IPO Result

The next method to check the Mero Share Result is by visiting the Mero Share IPO Result separate site. The meroshare.cdsc.com.np ipo result gives the IPO Result of every listed company in SEBON. 

This is the most commonly used method for IPO Result Mero Share, here’s how to check IPO Allotment Result using this site,

Step 1 – Visit the iporesult.cdsc.com.np

  • Visit the iporesult.cdsc.com.np site, click here
  • It will open the Mero Share Check Share Result Page,
  • Now under the Select Company choose the company (Of which you want to check the IPO Allotment Result),
ipo result.cdsc.com.np

Step 2 – Enter the 16-digit BOID

After selecting the company you need to enter the 16-digit BOID Number. BOID Number is also known as the DEMAT Account Number. So, you need to enter your DEMAT ACCOUNT Number Here.

meroshare.cdsc.com.np ipo result

Step 3 – Verify the Captcha

After all, you need to verify the Captcha. For this enter the same Image Number and fill up the captcha. After that simply tap/click on the View Result. Now you got the result on your screen,

mero share ipo result

Sorry, not allotted for the entered BOID.

Congratulation Alloted!!! Alloted quantity: 10

ipo result.cdsc.com.np

Check Mero Share IPO Result from Issue Manager

Besides the server from Mero Share, you can have another different way (sites) that offers to check IPO Results in Mero Share. For the IPO Allotment Result, you can visit the Capital Issue Manager Site too. As the different Issue Manager holds the Right to Manage the IPO of a company you must need to know the IPO Issue Manager of Particular Company.

To know the IPO Issue Manager of a Particular IPO of the Company go to the Mero Share>Login>My ABSA>Application Report>Choose the Company>Report>Issue Manager.

As like meroshare.cdsc.com.np ipo result here you can’t find the IPO Result of all the companies. Here you can find only the particular company IPO Allotment Result which has been Managed by a Particular Issue Manager (Capital).

For example, if the IPO of DOLTI POWER LIMITED is managed by NIC ASIA CAPITAL LIMITED then you must need to go to the NIC ASIA CAPITAL site to check its result. You can’t find the Result (Company) on the PRABHU CAPITAL site. So, for CDSC IPO Result Check by this process, you need to find the Issue Manager (Capital Company) of the IPO Company first.

How to Check Global IME Capital IPO Result

To check the IPO managed by (If the IPO Issue manager is Global IME) you need to visit their website first. After that, you can follow these steps for global ime capital ipo,

  • Visit the Global IME Capital IPO Result Page, click here
  • From there tap on the Select Company Name dropdown,
  • In the next, enter your 16-digit BOID, if you are for Local then Enter the Application Number if not then skip it.
  • After that simply tap/click on Check, here you get the result.
global ime capital ipo result

How to Check Prabhu Capital IPO Result

In today’s date, Prabhu Capital is an active and best Issue Manager who used to allot the shares on time. So, most companies hire Prabhu Capital as an Issue Manager for their IPO. Let’s check the Process to check the cdsc ipo result managed by this Capital.

  • Visit the Prabhu Capital Share Allotment Page, click here
  • Now select the company from Choose Company dropdown,
  • Enter your BOID/Holder No. and tap on Check.
  • Finally, here is your result for the xxx company IPO.
prabhu capital ipo result

How to Check NIBL Ace Capital IPO Result

If the issue manager of the IPO share of a company is the NIBL Capital then you can check it either from the ipo result.cdsc.com.np or from the NIBL Capital Site.

  • Visit the NIBL Capital site, click here
  • Select the company from the drop-down menu,
  • Enter your Application No. or Demat No. there (Your BOID),
  • After that tap/click on the Search to get the IPO Allotment Result.
nibl ace capital ipo result

How to Check NIC Asia Capital IPO Result

For the IPO Result check of the Company managed by NIC Asia Capital you can go to the IPO Allotment page. From the IPO Allotment Result of NIC Asia, you can check the status.

  • Go to the NIC Asia Capital IPO Allotment Page, click here
  • Choose the company from the drop-down menu,
  • Enter your BOID, and tap/click on Check,
  • Now you will see the Mero Share CDSC IPO Allotment Result on your screen.
nic asia capital ipo result

How to Check Sanima Capital IPO Result

To check the Mero Share Result of a particular company you can choose Sanima Capital. Sanima Capital is one of the topmost Issue Managers in Nepal that used to manage the share of many companies. Here’s the process to check the Meroshare.cdsc.com.np ipo result managed by Sanima Capital,

  • Go to the Sanima Capital IPO Page, click here
  • From the Company Name Dropdown choose the company,
  • Enter your BOID in the box,
  • After that tap/click on Check,
  • That’s it your IPO Allotment Result is on your screen.
sanima capital ipo result

How to Check NMB Capital IPO Result

To check Share Allotment managed by the NMB Capital you need to visit the NMB Capital page at first. After that, you can check the IPO Result Mero Share there.

  • Go to the NMB Capital Share Allotment Page, click here
  • Select the company and enter the BOID there,
  • After all tap on Submit, here you will get the result.
nmb capital ipo result

How to Check Siddhartha Capital IPO Result

To check CDSC IPO Results managed by Siddhartha Capital visit the capital page and follow the instructions.

  • Visit the Siddhartha Capital Share Allotment Page, click here
  • Choose the company and enter the BOID,
  • After all tap on Check, here you get the IPO Allotment Result.
siddhartha capital ipo result

How to Check Sunrise Capital IPO Result

Here too you need to go to the page and follow the same process by entering the BOID.

  • Go to the Sunrise Capital IPO Result page, click here
  • Now choose the company and enter the 16-digit BOID,
  • After that tap/click on Check, that’s all about it.
  • Now you will get the IPO Allotment Result.
sunrise capital ipo result

How to Check Muktinath Capital IPO Result

Muktinath Capital a subsidy of Muktinath Bank is only the subsidy from a ‘B’ class financial institution to act as the Issue Manager in Nepal. You can check the IPO Managed by Muktinath Capital here,

  • Go to the Muktinath Capital Share Allotment page, click here
  • Select the company and enter the BOID or Application Number.
  • At last tap on Check, here you get the Mero Share Result (Alloted or Not Alloted) on your screen.
muktinath capital ipo result

Problems while checking Mero Share IPO Result

Invalid BOID: If this error is shown then you need to check your BOID and re-enter again.

Invalid Captcha Provided, Please try again: Captcha Verification requires the exact details (number) from the image. So, check the image again and enter the same 5 numbers shown in the image in the Enter Captcha Box. Still, if you are not able to read/understand the number from the image then tap on the refresh icon shown just below the side of the number (it’s round or just below the small speaker icon).

Mero Share IPO Unverified & Rejected

Unverified: When you apply for the IPO or Share from Mero Share then your share will be applied successfully. But when you check the Application Report it shows the status as Unverified.

So, unverified is not an issue. It can be fixed after a day of your application submission. The issue manager will verify your Application within a day after the share has been applied.

how to conferm bank verification on ipo share on asba

Rejected: Sometimes your Application may get rejected. Mainly, if your Linked Bank Account doesn’t have the applied amount then the Issue Manager rejects your Application. That’s the first thing to make sure your Linked Bank Account has enough required funds for the Application.

Why was Mero Share IPO Rejected?

The Issue Manager holds the right or rejects all Applications if the Linked Bank Account has no fund equal to the applied share. Besides we can find the different other reasons why my Applied IPO Share is Rejected.

  • Insufficient Funds in your Bank Account (At least Rs 1000 for 10 Units of IPO having a Par Value of Rs 100)
  • Application form Multiple Accounts by a Single Person.
  • Invalid or Wrong CRN Number (As it must be entered each time while applying for the share you must need to enter it correctly)

What is BOID? Where to find BOID?

BOID is a 16-digit serial number which is unique for every DEMAT Account holder. We can say it is the DEMAT Number too. it’s a DEMAT Number for tracking and applying for the shares.

Check your Mail: You can find the DEMAT Account Number in the Mail Box. When your DEMAT Account is created successfully then the Capital (Like Sanima Capital, NIC Asia Capital, NMB Capital) sends you the mail of DEMAT Account creation with the 16-digit.

Go to Your Mero Share Dashboard: If still not, then get logged in to your Mero Share Account and tap on More>My Details>BOID.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Sell Alloted IPO in Nepal?

To sell the Alloted IPO Share you must need to enter in the secondary Market. For that, you need to create a TMS Account. Several TMS (Broker/Securities) companies help to create your account. After that, you can sell the share easily.

How much time does it take to get a refund if an IPO is not Alloted?

If the Applied IPO is not allotted for your DEMAT Account then you can get a refund within 7 days from the date of Allotment.

How long does it take to publish the IPO Result?

After the final day of the IPO Application, it takes around 7-10 days to allow the share. Depending upon the Issue Manager the IPO Allotment Period may differ. While for the Publish you need to wait at least 1 hour after allotment.

What is the Official Site to Check IPO Results in Nepal?

From the iporesult.cdsc.com.np you can check the IPO Result online easily.

How to Apply Mero Share IPO Online?

To apply IPO you must need to Get Logged in to the Mero Share Page. After that go to the Apply for Share to apply the share online.


Here we mentioned the process to check the Mero Share IPO Result. In this blog, we have discussed the meroshare.cdsc.com.np ipo result including the IPO Allotment Process.

Mero Share is the single company to manage the Share and Destination to apply for the share. That’s all about the Mero Share Result and CDSC IPO Result Check. 

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