Mandu Hydropower IPO Result is Published [You can check the Result Now]

Mandu Hydropower IPO Result

Mandu Hydropower IPO Allotment process has concluded today (At 10 AM). Now you can check the Mandu Hydropower IPO Result from the different methods. Here we are with the steps and all the prospects of the Mandu Hydropower for you. The issue manager Prabhu Capital has published the IPO Result of Mandu Hydropower Limited just Now.

Mandu Hydropower IPO Result Published Today (Bhadra 24 2080)

Mandu Hydropower has issued 12,05,320 units of shares to the General public from the 10th Bhadra 2080 (August 27, 2023). In the Initial days, the company received subscription applications from 2,15,840 applicants with Applied units of 24,08,990 units.

Similarly, till the last date of Offering, the company has received applications from 9,80,053 applicants. So, from these unqualified applicants, the applied units are 1,06,95,330 units. Which is the company’s share has been over-subscribed by 8.87 times.

No. of Alloted Investors in IPO Result of Mandu Hydropower Company Limited

The allotment process is successfully done with Ball No. 8. Among the 9,80,053 applicants, only 1,20,532 applicants have the shares. The remaining other investors are not allotted and will get back the money after in few days.

As per the Information we got, Around 1,41,296 applications are rejected by the CASBA for different reasons like insufficient funds and other reasons. Similarly, the dual applications have also been denied by the Capital. The number of dual applications is 578.

Also, even the company’s promoters have applied for the IPO of this company. So, the Applications of the 23 promoters have also been rejected by the Capital. 

About Mandu Hydropower Limited

Mandu Hydropower Limited was established on April 15, 2012. Currently, the company is operating the 22MW Project titled Bagmati Khola Small Hydropower Project located in Makwanpur District. 

In this project, the company is generating 117 GWh of electricity generally. The company has utilized the 3.99 Arba of equity capital for this project. From April 2, 2019, the company has started generating electricity and contributing to the National line.

We can find the Number of Promoters of Mandu Hydropower Company, 

  • Sichuan Hechaun Investment CO. Ltd. (49%)
  • Maheshor Prakash Shrestha (11%)
  • Himalayan Infrastructure Ltd. (9%)
  • Mr. Rijan Sharestha (6%)
  • And Other Persons and Companies.

The Process to Check Mandu Hydropower IPO Result

You can check the IPO Results of Mandu Hydropower from the different methods. Here, we will share the two most easy ways to check IPO Results in 2023.

Method I – Go to the Prabhu Capital Site

  • Visit the Share Allotment link of the Prabhu Capital; click Here to go.
  • Now tap/click on the chosen company from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, choose Mandu Hydropower Limited and enter your 16-digit BOID Number.
  • After that, click on Check, here you will get the result.

Method II – Go to the CDSC Site

  • Go to the IPO Result page of CDSC; click here to go.
  • Click on Dropdown and select the company (Mandu Hydropower Ltd. (For the General Public) there.
  • Enter your 16-digit BOID and then fill out the captcha.
  • At last, click on View Result.

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