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Merolagani com is one of the top-notch stock and trading websites in Nepal. It provides Live stock quotes, news, announcements, and Annual and Quarterly reports including other portfolio Management tools. It’s one of the top most tools to track investments and make you aware of all of your gains and losses. Here’s all about Merolagani Live and its features.

Although the Stock Market in Nepal is limited we can find the numerous big involvement and numbers of traders trading in the Stock. With More than an Active 20 Lakhs DEMAT Account Investors are always on alert to know about the market. So, for these, all www merolagani com np is that site.

About Merolagani: Stock News, Reports and Portfolio Management

The most visited and most ranked portfolio and shared news website in Nepal are not other than www merolagani. It’s one of the topmost websites for live stock quotes, news and other features. Here it allows the visitors and traders to track all the investments and make alerts about the stocks.

Besides, you can get the latest news related to shares and stocks in Nepal. Merolagani com np site shares the latest IPO Results, Manage your Portfolio, Latest Updates and alerts of the market.

similarly, with these all you will be able to unlock the number of stock management features on this website. Targeted to the Investors it will help you to get the price change with the alerts and watchlist.

Features of Merolagani App/Website

Merolagani Live Trading represents the number of features to the users. Here you can get Live Stock Quotes, Share News, Announcements and Reports of Stocks online. Check out the prime uses of Merolagani,

Share News

www merolagani com np

www merolagani com np updates the latest news and reports about the stocks and events. Here you can get the latest news related to Insurance, Current Affairs, IT/Auto, Technical Analysis of the company, Opinions & Analysis, and Corporate News including International news related to Stocks.

We can say it is the complete Share News Portal in Nepal. So, if you want to be updated with the Latest News related to the Share Market, Different Companies then you can check out this site. For every investor and share market follower must need to follow this site (merolagani com).

Stock Market

merolagani live trading

Another core feature (targeted for the real investors) on Merolagani com np is its Market watch features. Using the Mero Share site you can get access to the Market to check out the market reports.

With the different options like Live trading, Floorsheet, Market Overview, and stock events you will get a clear idea about the market structure. Yes, this site features different options to get in-depth of the market,

Live Trading: From the Live Trading you will get the Report of the Latest Market. Here it gives the change in Open, High, Low, Qty and actual traded report on the particular date. So, it’s an easy site to watch the latest market (it’s a free tool).

Today’s Share Price: From the Today’s Share Price options you will be able to see the LTP and its change of any company. It shows the LTP of all the listed companies including the High Value, Low Vlue, Prev. Open, traded qty. and Turnover. So, with these, it gives the sense of trading to the Investors.

Floor Sheet: Under the floor sheet of merolagani Live Trading you will get the data of the number of buyers and sellers of a stock based on transaction no. here it means, you will get the actual number of buyers buying the stocks and the seller with the quantity and rate.

Indices: From the www merolagani com live page you will get clear data regarding the Number of Indexed Values, Absolute Values and Percentage change there. Based on the Sector of the stock you will get the result here.

Investors can choose Indices like Banking, Microfinance, Insurance, Trading, Hydropwer, etc. to check out the report with all factors (Index Value, Absolute Change and Percentage Change).

Market Overview: Under the Market Summary you can look up the Overview of the Market. It will give the technical chart of NEPSE. It clears the NEPSE Data (NEPSE Point) of each day. You can check the technical chart in Market Overview there.

Besides, here you will get the Total Turnover, Total Traded Shares, Total Transactions, Total Scrips Traded, Total Market Capitalization, Floated Market Capitalization, and NEPSE Peak (Point).

Also, you can check out the Top Turnovers with their Turnover Units, Symbol and LTP. Besides, you can see the sub-indices (Banking, Trading, Development Banks, etc.) and their Points including the top gainers top losers.

Market Summary (Top Gainers, Loosers, Turnovers, Sectors)

merolagani live trading

Under the In-depth Market summary, you will look at the data of top gainers, top losers, top turnovers, and top sectors’ depth. From the merolagani live trading site, you will get the complete list of companies ranked based on their % Change

Stock Events & Announcements

Here you will get the Upcoming New Shares in Nepal. The table shows the Upcoming or Open IPO, Right, FPO, Auction, Debenture and Mutual Fund. www merolagani com np site shares an announcement list on this page. From here you will get the title of the latest and past announcements by the different companies. 


Under the report, you can check the Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports in detail of each listed company. Besides from here, you can get the link to see the List of Brokers in Nepal.

Portfolio (Premium Features)

merolagani live trading

If you are a real trader and investor then the Premium features of this site lets you to access many tools. You can add the number of companies or link your TMS to manage your portfolio with the merolagani live trading site.

Also, you can subscribe to the newsletter for the latest alerts and news related to the stocks. Similarly, in-depth, you can get the technical data of any stocks to forecast the future from the present and past analytics.

With these all you will get useful tools like podcasts and Online stock trading from the Portfolio tools of the merolagani com live site.

IPO Updates & Other Services

merolagani live trading

www merlogani com np updates the upcoming IPO including the Past IPO News. Here you get the notice regarding the IPO Issuance by the companies for all the sectors.

Targeted for Investors you will get the Merolagani AI Charts to make your trading simple with an unbiased technical analysis viewpoint of the stocks and sectors. Besides you can subscribe to the data analytics that combines fundamental analysis, technical analysis and floor sheet analysis to give a detailed insight.

MeroLagani Alternatives

Nepse Alpha: Nepse Alpha is one of the topmost names on the Stock News and Portfolio Management site. This site offers different investing tools like Portfolio Tracker, Fund-Technical Analysis, Alpha Charts and many more.

Share Sansar: Share Sansar is the renowned Name in Investment Management Services. It’s another complete site for market analysis, floor sheets, indices, and all about the market data in one single platform.

Nepali Paisa: Nepali Paisa is another fastest growing Stock Management Services sites like here too you will get the latest news and announcements including the reports. Similarly, you can check out the NEPSE Data, Portfolio Management and many other Investing tools.


Merolagani com is one of the stock market sites for Live Stock, Share News, Reports, Analysis and other different management tools. Overall, it’s one of the complete stock trading website tools which you can try for every update. 

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