Complete List of Upcoming IPO in Nepal for 2080

upcoming ipo in nepal 2080

There’s a long list of Upcoming IPO in Nepal. If you are an Investor and waiting for the Upcoming IPO to Apply then you are at the right place. Here we share the complete list of IPO Upcoming in Nepal. We know from a few years in Nepal the majority of the Companies are selling their shares publicly to raise the fund and turn it into Public Limited Companies. That’s they need approval from SEBON. So, here we have listed the companies that are Approved by SEBON and in the Pipeline of Upcoming IPO.

Current IPO in Nepal (Current Opening, you can Apply Now)

Before going to the list of Upcoming IPO in Nepal you can check out the current ipo in Nepal. Here you get the current Opening of the IPO till the date, so you can apply. Also, you can check the basic details of the current opening IPO here,

Latest IPO Notice:

City Hotel Limited is going to issue the 13,55,940 units of IPO to the General Public from the 25th to the 28th of Baishakh.

Nepal Republic Media Limited is going to issue the 4,35,300 units of share to Foreign Employees from 31st Baishakh to 14th Jestha.

Nepal Republic Media Limited is going to issue the 35,25,930 units of share to General Public from 31st 26th to 30th Jestha.

Upper Syange Hydropower Limited is going to issue its 2,20,000.00 units of IPO shares to the projected affected local residents of Lamjung District, Marshyangdi VDC (Former Ghanpokhara VDC Ward No. 01, 020, Khudi VDC Ward No. 03, Taghrin VDC Ward No. 04, Ghermu VDC Ward No. 05, Bahun Dada VDC Ward No. 06, Bhulbhule VDC Ward No. 07, 08, Simpaani VDC Ward No. 09) and 65,000.00 units of IPO shares to the foreign employment citizens of Nepal starting from 1st – 16th Jestha, 2080

What are Upcoming IPOs in Nepal?

Upcoming IPO in Nepal refers to the list of IPO which are planning to get in Public after a short period. It means the Companies that are planning to go public shortly after the Approval by SEBON.

List of Upcoming IPO in Nepal for 2080

Searching for the complete list of upcoming IPO in Nepal? If yes then you can look at the complete list of IPO Approved or in the Pipeline of SEBON. You can apply for the IPO of these Upcoming IPO soon.

Pipeline IPOs in Nepal for 2080

Here you get the companies that are going to issue the share. After deciding the number of units of IPO to the General Public it must be sent to the SEBON for approval. So, all the companies that have sent the proposal of IPO Approval to SEBON including the Upcoming IPO in Nepal are mentioned here,

  • Nepal Republic Media Ltd.
  • Upper Syange Hydropower Ltd.
  • Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower Ltd.
  • Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd.
  • Sarbottam Cement Ltd.
  • Upper Lohare Hydropower Company Ltd.
  • Mandu Hydropower Ltd.
  • Bhagwati Hydropower Development Co.Ltd.
  • Accord Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

What is IPO, A Depth Details

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. Nowadays most companies are issuing the Share to increase the Share Capital of the company for Investment. For this reason, the First Phase of collecting the share from the General Public by selling/issuing the share is called an IPO.

mero share ipo result
cdsc ipo result check

Similarly, When the Public is turned into the Public Limited then they must need to issue an IPO so to make the share authority by the General Public too. with this concept at first, the Company must need to get the Issuance approval from the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) after that they will be able to issue the Shares.

The investors or IPO Alloted Applicants can trade these shares in the Secondary Market. So, we can say the IPO is the Primary and Close Market too. Okay, that’s all about the IPO. Similarly, these days different types of industries and Companies are offering the IPO. Mainly Hydropower, Insurance, etc. companies are mostly active to issue the IPO.

How IPO is Issued in Nepal: Process of IPO

In Nepal, the IPO can be shared with the General Public after getting approval from SEBON. You can check the process regarding the IPO in Nepal,

  • First: At first the company must need to do a credit rating approval. The credit rating of the company will be conducted by the two companies in Nepal. ICRA Nepal and CARE Ratings Nepal Limited (CRNL).
  • Second: After that company need to file the Approval request to SEBON. The Security Board of Nepal will add the IPO to the Pipeline. In this process, SEBON will ensure that the company is not involved in fraudulent activities or illegalities.
  • Third: After approval by the SEBON the company must need to hire the Merchant Bank or Capital company as an Issue Manager. So, the Issue Manager is responsible for preparing the IPO for Public Offering.
  • Fourth: After that, the company will request the CDSC for the Management of the IPO. We can say it is the C-ASBA Request.
  • Fifth: At last, additional profitability is carried on the IPO. This is the last process to go to the Public to collect the Capital from the Public in the form of a Share Captial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Upcoming IPO in Nepal

How to Apply for IPO in Nepal?

To Apply IPO you must need to get logged in to your Mero Share Account. After that go to the My ASBA>Apply for Share>Choose the Company>Enter the Unit of Share>Enter your CRN Number and tap on Apply.

How to Sell Shares?

To sell the Share you must need to go to the Secondary Market. From there you can sell your existing shares and also buy the share.

How to Create a Broker Account in Nepal?

To open a broker account in Nepal you must need to get in touch with the securities company (Widely known as the Broker Company).

What is TMS – Trade Management System?

Trade Management System is an online portal for trading, buying & selling Shares and Stocks.

What is IPO Issue Size?

The IPO Size is the exact value of the IPO which can be calculated by multiplying the total units of shares with the share price per.

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